What is it?

MyVictoria makes Victorian open data easier to access and use.

Open data typically exists as raw spreadsheets in disparate locations.

MyVictoria gathers and combines data to help you draw meaningful insights. Converting data into visual formats like maps, graphs and charts tells a story that:

  • creates clear understanding
  • brings important context
  • conveys related information
  • informs research and planning

Use MyVictoria to build location intelligence to inform decision-making, inspire ideas and identify opportunities.

So you really can see where possibilities live.

Who is it for?

Victorian small businesses are well positioned to create value from MyVictoria.

Business owners need access to reliable, timely and relevant information to make good decisions. Choices that help them grow, create jobs and contribute to Victoria’s ongoing prosperity.

Making the most of Victoria’s open data isn’t only about business opportunities. MyVictoria supports the information needs of not-for-profit organisations, researchers, students, advisers, policymakers and more.

In fact MyVictoria is for every Victorian. Whether you want to know about where to live, work, play sport or send your children to school.

What's next

Starting with 50 datasets, MyVictoria continues to evolve by adding new datasets with every release.

The provision of free APIs also creates commercial opportunities for leading edge companies to leverage and build great products.

Because MyVictoria is not just about the visualisation of data, but the creation of value from open data to benefit all Victorians.

Contact us for more information or to ask a question about this government open data initiative.