What is MyVictoria?

My Victoria is an open data platform that makes Victorian open data easy to access and use. Open data traditionally exists in raw formats that require time and skill to interpret.

My Victoria visualises raw data in meaningful formats like maps, graphs and charts so that everyday Victorians can gain quick insights from data that already exists freely.

What is open data?

Governments collect a lot of data. Often data is de-identified to protect privacy and released as a free public resource, or open data.

The Victorian Government recognises the benefits from and encourages the availability of Victorian government data for the public good.

But not all government data will be suitable for release as open data. Access to data may need to be restricted for reasons of privacy, public safety, security and law enforcement, public health, pre-existing contractual arrangements and compliance with the law.

How can I use it?

There are a range of uses for MyVictoria.

Small to medium businesses are well positioned to create value from MyVictoria as a business insights tool. From market analysis to identifying gaps in the market, use this platform for research and planning. MyVictoria is a good starting point for insights gathering but does not replace professional advice.

Not-for-profit and community organisations can likewise use MyVictoria to identify where pockets of need exist.

It gives policymakers and advisers a fast and reliable snapshot of metropolitan, regional and rural centres. And the projects underway in those communities.

Researchers, students and think tanks can likewise leverage data on MyVictoria to support independent research.

Who is MyVictoria for?

MyVictoria was created as tool that supports small to medium businesses.

But MyVictoria is for every Victorian. Whether you want to know about where to live, work, play sport or send your children to school.

How often is the data updated?

MyVictoria strives to provide the most up to date data. Data update frequencies vary with data sources. Demographic information is updated every 5 years with the Census cycle. Conversely, road closure data is updated daily. Find out the update frequency of each dataset here.

Can you improve the level of detail in the data?

We take privacy seriously so there is a limit to how much information is displayed. Information that identifies any individual, address or business is deliberately omitted to protect privacy.

In some instances, slight adjustments are applied to data on MyVictoria to prevent any identifiable information about individuals from being exposed.

Read more about each dataset here.

How accurate is your data?

MyVictoria endeavours to publish the most up-to-date datasets from all data sources. For more information on the currency of data on MyVictoria, please visit the data sources page.

In some instances, slight adjustments are applied to data on MyVictoria to prevent any identifiable information about individuals from being exposed.

If you've identified errors in the data or think we can improve, please contact us.

I'm looking for more datasets. Can you help me with that?

If there is a de-identified dataset out there that you would like to see on MyVictoria, tell us about it. We’ll gladly assess if we can source and/or publish it

Why does the data on MyVictoria look different from the raw dataset?

There is a lot of data out there. Full datasets tend to contain more rows and columns than MyVictoria can feasibly display.

To circumvent this, we reached out to users to find out which components of specific datasets would be most valuable and informative. This means you don't have to trawl through large amounts of data to find what you need on this platform.

Some of the data displayed on MyVictoria were also recalculated to derive percentage figures. Read more about how each dataset was treated here.

Where can I find more information about each data set?

Read more about each dataset here. If you need more information than what's available on our site, please contact us.

How can I provide feedback on MyVictoria?

Whether you've got a question or suggestion, we'd like to hear from you. We'd also like to hear about what you've built using data or datasets from this site. Contact us and let us know.